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Asset Management

Asset Management / Asset Recovery

To remain productive and competitive in today’s marketplace, you need to keep your IT capabilities current by staying abreast of hardware and software advances. In the process, you often end up with idle assets: desktops, laptops, printers and other equipment that no longer meet your business requirements but still represent a significant investment. Devoting your own time and resources to refurbish, redeploy or dispose of these assets lowers any gain you may realize and detracts from your core business activities. UNISTAR Technologies can alleviate the time and cost a business incurs managing and maintaining an aging IT infrastructure. Every issue and risk associated with asset disposition is handled professionally and properly removing the responsibility from your internal management. In fact, we create an opportunity for you to turn your IT liabilities into income producing assets, drastically reducing expense and driving profit. So whether it’s redeployment, remarketing or recycling our team of experts work closely with you throughout the entire process executing a “tailor-fit” strategy that drastically improves ROI.


UNISTAR manages your businesses’ assets end to end, from installation to retirement and beyond. When UNISTAR enters into an asset management agreement the primary step is to inventory all current assets. Based on the requirements of the client, UNISTAR will make an internal and/or external inventory of these assets. After the inventory is complete, a decision will be made regarding consolidation, upgrade, renewal, or disposal of individual assets. All removed assets are assessed based on remaining life and either retired from service or entered into an inventory pool where the individual assets can be redeployed at the request of the client. All retired equipment can be processed through a variety of different channels; to include employee purchase programs and revenue sharing strategies. All disposed equipment is ensured to have all data sanitized and destroyed according to Department of Defense (DoD) standards and all equipment is disposed of according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.


UNISTAR can help your business focus on staying competitive in the marketplace and not worry about the logistics associated with managing an aging infrastructure. With the benefits of having a proprietary asset inventory system, standardized configuration management, DoD data security practices and strict EPA disposal standards, you can relax and be confident that everything will be handled with your best interest in mind.


Inventory & Logistics Management

  • Warehousing
  • Finished Goods Inventory
  • Defective Inventory
  • Disposal
  • Parts Procurement/Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Advance Exchange
  • Reverse Logistics Pipeline Mgmt
  • Parts
  • Deployment/fulfillment
  • Asset Recovery
  • Re-Deployment



External Inventory
An external inventory provides a detailed report of all assets in the environment regardless of their utilization. We collect asset specific information available on the exterior of the asset as well as user demographic information including the precise location of the asset.
Internal Inventory
An internal inventory audit provides a detailed list of installed software on each works tation, including manufacturer name and software titles with revision levels identified. The software database and information such as BIOS revision dates, installed memory, available hard disk space, and software revision levels are also collected. Internal inventories can often be accomplished across your network eliminating the need to visit each desktop.
Internal / External Inventory
Providing detailed hardware and software information, this comprehensive inventory provides an overall understanding of your IT assets. Coupled with department and accurate location information this combination of both External and Internal processes provides a means to accurately determine the upgrades necessary to solve many specific business requirements.
Inventory Database
UNISTAR creates a data base inventory of all assets that is accessible to the client and anyone deemed by the client to have access. An on-line, continuously updated inventory is available to see what assets are where and what is scheduled for removal.


Many companies can find a larger return on their technology investments by cycling their computer assets within the organization. Based upon your specific requirements, equipment is inventoried, audited and reported back to you in digital or paper formats. You select which items get redeployed or stored while remaining equipment is processed. UNISTAR also offers upgrade services to extend the life and functionality of aging equipment, software installation and shipping services. UNISTAR will schedule and arrange for the pickup of the assets, providing detailed receipt and audit tests, reconfiguration, staging, image loading and device refurbishing.


UNISTAR’s logistics services can manage the return or redeployment of equipment from a small remote office or a large headquarters facility efficiently and effectively from any location throughout the United States. UNISTAR has provided diverse de-installation, pick-up, transportation and delivery services tailored to the unique requirements of our customers. Customers are able to enter service requests by a voice call, e-mail entry or online via our web portal and then can track the logistics much like you would with a UPS or FedEx tracking system.

Disposition, Destruction & De-manufacture

UNISTAR Technologies de-manufacturing process is intended to maximize the security of our customer’s data and minimize any exposure to the environment caused by the inappropriate handling and disposal of a customer’s non-functioning IT assets. Data security is a key requisite of and effective asset disposition program and the UNISTAR process meets the Government Standard set forth in DoD 5220.22-M for completing a minimum 3 pass overwrite. Further auditing measures identify and physically destroy drives if needed. The UNISTAR process securely erases data protected under HIPAA, Gram-Leach-Bliley, FACTA or FERPA. All scrap equipment is recycled and never disposed of in landfills.

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